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2 Quick Calming Tricks to Use Anywhere

Calming Tricks To Use Anywhere

When life feels overwhelming we often find that it's the little habits we practice that help us gain peace and clarity to manage daily life. See if these tricks work for you!

1. In a flash we can find ourselves time traveling to the past or future where difficult feelings and thoughts often breed. In these moments, orienting to the here and now can pull us back into reality where usually we are safe and free from harm. Next time you find yourself in excessive worry see if you can try this trick to feel more grounded and refreshed. Take just a moment to really look at the environment around you, and without judgement, take in the details of the objects, noticing color and shapes. Next, without judgement, notice the sounds you hear in this moment, including subtle noises such as your own breath or the air conditioner overhead. Finally, notice your feet on the floor and recognize your connection to the earth. This simple trick can work wonders when we need to stay in the present and keep moving through the day without a meltdown!

2. Use your breath to tap into your compassion for others and to recognize your connection to the world when you feel fearful or alone. Now this may sound counterintuitive, but just bear with me here. It works like a charm! See if you can notice your breathing for just a moment without necessarily trying to change it. Now as you take a breath in, imagine your acceptance of your experience right now rather than trying to push it away. Often when we try to push away or avoid our difficult feelings, they just get stronger, so see if you can actually imagine breathing in the difficult feelings you have in the moment. Now, on the out breath, recognize that many others all over the world are feeling the very same as you, and breathe out compassion and a prayer of hope for those people and for yourself. This exercise honors the connectedness we share with others and can do wonders for our own well-being.



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