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Meet Kelly...

Kelly O'Connor, Licensed Professional Counselor and Health Coach serving Tucson area and specializing in deprssion, anxiety, and adult ADHD. Trained hypnotherapist.

Kelly O'Connor, LPC, NCC, CHC

Tucson Therapist and Health Coach

(520) 612-3588

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Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Health Coach, & Clinical Hypnotherapist

Welcome! And thanks for checking out my website. For as long as I can remember I have been insatiably curious about how people find their personal power to reach goals and fulfill dreams. My curiosity and passion for health and wellness brought me to the field of therapy to inspire others to achieve personal growth and change. As an athlete and career woman I am dedicated to pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and, with sensitivity and compassion, helping others to do the same.


My interest led me to become a Licensed Professional Counselor and Nationally Certified Health Coach. I specialize in working with adults managing change, whether it’s learning to move forward after loss, making natural or imposed life transitions, or creating and sustaining new health habits. I will support you as you clarify your desires, make important personal decisions, and take the steps you choose to get where you ultimately want and deserve to be in life.


I am an independently licensed mental health therapist specializing in anxiety, depression, adult ADHD, clinical hypnosis and health coaching in Tucson, Arizona. My background includes working with adults overcoming concerns related to health issues, substance abuse, trauma, depression, anxiety, and grief. I have worked with diverse populations and understand that many behavioral, relational and emotional blockages stem from past traumatic events, both big and small. My skills as a therapist are enhanced through life experience and my own commitment to optimal health and wellness.

After a long journey working in the community mental health system and providing services for people under managed care, I was ready to break out and do something new and bold. I decided to fulfill my own potential in a setting that allows me to work with people the way I have seen works best.  With this goal, I founded Self-Unlimited Counseling & Coaching so that I can offer quality counseling that is effective, efficient, and inspiring! 


If you have ever wanted to make important changes for yourself, but somehow felt stalled, or if you have ever felt strangely tied to difficult feelings like depression or anxiety that left you feeling tethered in one spot, Self-Unlimited was created for you. I formed Self-Unlimited with a set of values that make personal change and self-growth feel attainable. I maintain the unique perspective that having an understanding of the therapy process from start to finish not only empowers people, but also makes therapy more brief, more effective, and more enjoyable.


You will find my style to be objective, genuine, and supportive. While I use empathy and validation in my approach, I also believe in the importance of humor and that learning to take ourselves more lightly is just one of the keys to finding joy and happiness in life.

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