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Health & Stress Management

Make healthy lifestyle changes.

Feeling defeated by unrelenting obstacles to living a healthy lifestyle? With greater self-awareness and mindfulness skills learned in counseling you can overcome challenges and reach your health goals. As a Nationally Certified Health Coach in Tucson, I can help you explore factors that undermine positive habit change. You can discover and enhance skills that are already within you to feel inspired and energized. Finally make lifestyle choices that feel comfortable for you and that fit into your life with ease and joy. Whether the desire to adopt new health habits is a personal improvement goal or one motivated by new health concerns, making lifestyle change is difficult. The best intentions often go unrealized and we find ourselves struggling to understand why we can't just do it! A cycle of starts and stops is frustrating and can sabotage confidence while creating guilt, fear, shame and self-doubt. With the use of solution-focused techniques, motivational interviewing, and when appropriate, clinical hypnosis therapy, you will learn to set reasonable and achievable goals so that you can better manage stress, and learn to make healthy choices. Discover how change that is inspired through encouragement, self-compassion and positive feedback, rather than shame and guilt, is so much more effective for lasting change! 

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