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Solution-focused therapy to quickly manage symptoms and improve daily living.

Solution Focused Therapy

Find helpful strengths, tools and resources specific to you.

The principles of solution-focused therapy can be applied where people are eager to reach goals and improve interpersonal relationships. Often used in the coaching professions, it is grounded in the concept that people can discover strengths and tools already within themselves that can be used immediately to manage symptoms and cope with challenges. A solution-focused therapist can help you identify goals and provide support while you experiment with new problem-solving techniques. During sessions the therapist will ask particular questions to help you draw a picture of what life would look like if the problem your are trying to resolve did not exist. This technique of articulating solutions helps to guide you through a process of finding helpful strengths, tools and resources specific to you. These carefully crafted questions can help you discover your resiliency and identify small, practical steps that you can use immediately to move towards positive change and growth. Solution-focused therapy is known for being more present and future focused rather than based on the past. When combined with a person-centered, empathic approach, this method of counseling can help you find relief and improve daily functioning in relatively short time.

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