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Clinical hypnosis in Tucson to improve health habits, manage stess and anxiety (including test anxiety), overcome phobias, and change unhelpful reaction to common experiences.

Improve health habits, manage stress, and overcome phobias with clinical hypnosis.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

At Self-Unlimited the use of clinical hypnosis can be used in conjunction with other counseling approaches to help strengthen the effectiveness of therapy. Hypnosis works by tapping into the subconscious mind to gain access to hidden resistance and unlock positive change. While, for some, the concept of "accessing the subconscious" may sound mysterious, it is actually quite simple. The subconscious mind exits to help manage memories, ideas and attitudes that are too much to be held, all at once, in the conscious part of the brain. In most cases, our subconscious mind helps us by giving us storage room for these experiences. However, sometimes we need to clear out that storage space and purge the buried items that have become a burden to hold. 


There are many forms of hypnosis but Ericksonian style clinical hypnotherapy is the preferred method used at Self-Unlimited Counseling & Coaching due to the level of effectiveness for which it is known. Milton Erickson was a leader and a pioneer in the field of psychology and psychotherapy. He formulated hypnosis techniques that are now grounded in evidence and well-respected by the medical community. Areas commonly addressed in hypnosis include improving health habits, managing stress and anxieties (including test anxiety), overcoming phobias, and changing negative associations to common events or situations in life.

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