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Anxiety & Worry

Dealing with excessive anxiety, worry and stress...

To experience a little anxiety is part of life. Like other emotions, it comes with the territory of being human. However, excessive anxiety and stress can interfere with our ability to feel good and can lead to problems functioning in daily life. It's not uncommon for heightened anxiety to create additional concerns such as difficulty focusing on current tasks and decreased productivity. We also might find ourselves overly concerned about the outcome of scenarios and perpetually worried about things that can't be controlled. For instance, when feeling anxious, you might find yourself overthinking social interactions or replaying interpersonal issues at work. You might feel especially nervous about making decisions and feel stressed when confronted with choices. Anxiety can also create unwanted physical reactions to tension such as headaches, muscle pain, fatigue and shallow breathing. Counseling can help address these issues by uncovering negative thought patterns and focusing on new skills to tame the mind so that you can instead focus on the good stuff in life.

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